Thursday, 21 November 2013

No Brains

 So… I have learned that:
  1. Negative thinking shrivels the dendrites (‘arms’ of brain cells that reach out to connect with other brain cells) in the brain. (~Anatomy and Physiology book)
  2. Raised cortisol levels of stress also cause the dendrites to shrivel up. (Coffee raises cortisol levels. So does stress.) -Ginty, F., ‘Dietry protein and bone health’, Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, vol 62(4), pp. 867-76 (2003)
  3. A lack of essential fatty acids shrinks the brain (this often happens in pregnant women especially, as they don’t normally have enough on a normal ‘non-pregnant’ basis, and when called upon to share as they are pregnant, the lack becomes increased.) 
  4.  Metallic/rock music suppresses the frontal lobe – part of the brain. Consistent suppression leads to inactivity; inactivity shrinks the brain – use it or lose it.

Now we all know that every other person thinks negatively to some extent most of the time. Ding.

We also know that the average person is a coffee drinker, and that every single person encounters stress in some shape or form on a normal basis. Dong.

It has been found that every other person is lacking in EFA’s (essential fatty acids) because of some reason or another – generally simply because the EFA intake is minimal to nil; plus because fried oils block absorption - a single meal with fried oils blocks absorption for up to 6 weeks; also allergies block EFA absorption. Who has allergies? Every other person has some type of an allergy, whether or not they know it. Ding.

The TV, movies, music, entertainment basically, encourages brain death through inactivity. Dong.

  • We use only about 1-2% of our brains.
  • I think that’s about all we have left anyway.
  •  This world has to end soon – we’ll have no brains left!


  1. Actually this post made me feel really good about myself. I am a hopeless optimist, stress very little, don't drink coffee, eat plenty of soy, leafy greens and spirulina, plus use olive oil (usually extra virgin cold pressed) every day on my toast and...I hate metallic music and only listen to a bit of rock music very very occasionally. No wonder I am so brilliant. hehe

    1. Hmm... :/ I'm an optimist, but thankfully for me, I'm not hopeless! :P lol I do agree, you are very brilliant! Though, I do think that the fact that you're my sister does help. ;) Sadly, to put a mild damper on your enthusiasm, fried oils (olive oil as well) also blocks EFA's. XD


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