Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bicycles in the Air

Anyone heard of the Chocolate Hills? If not, they're dome shaped hills in Bohol, Philippines. I don't know why they were called that... someone must've had a wishful imagination!
Dad and I - posing in front of the fake Chocolate.
After all, they look more like ant hills.. These hills were about the first tourist attraction we went to. They were alright. I reckon they were pretty, but the view on its own definitely did not compare to seeing it while riding a bicycle in the air!

Riding through the air, among the Chocolate Hills.
 No, I am not a magician. I was attached to numerous cables and all such bells and whistles. But all the same, a breeze rocked my bike and the ground looked scarily far away. I had to give myself a bit of a pep talk, but when I really thought about it I realized that the chance of falling was actually very slim. Besides, if I did I was wearing a hard hat anyway. A fall wouldn't do much damage - to my brain at least.... In fact, it would make a jolly impressive story!!

It was an adventure park where I rode the skies. The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) to be exact. When we were told what was available, I was keen as a mung bean! XD
Dad decided to join me in all the activities. His only regret was that bike ride was too slow. I agreed. When we gave this feedback to the owner of the park, he was apparently flabbergasted. According to him, he did it once and never wanted to do it again! He told us that most people would cry from fear while riding the bike. We were amazed!
We were also informed though, that a few people had stopped in the middle and taken selfies up there. I became jealous upon hearing that.
Dad and I, after riding through the air.
Doing the obstacle course.

After riding the bikes, we went on a 'tree-top' obstacle course. It was okay. They were working on constructing extensions at the time. But we had completed the whole course  in about 5 minutes. Less than ten, for sure. Again, we amazed the owners. While we had our fun, my friend Myn graciously captured our experience. :)

Dad, Mum, Me, Myn and Lyle at the entrance to CHAP.
When all the activities to do had been done, we moved on to the Logarita Springs to eat lunch. To our surprise we were compelled to pay a fee of 100p (peso) per head. The springs was a pretty place. A large pool graced the place, with an impressive, albeit cement, slide into it. I wanted to go swimming after lunch with Myn, but I was feeling a bit crook by that stage and Mum wisely forbad me. The head cold I mentioned in the previous post was starting to make itself known. The day previous when we went to Talibon to go shopping, and then swimming at their beach, I had felt fine aside from a nagging sore throat. Once the head cold made itself known, it progressed rapidly.
The forbidden pool, with its cement slide.
Our host, Lyle, drove us around 'the corner' to the Magsaysay Park. It wasn't really a park. But it did have monkeys. Lots of them, in fact. Big ones, little ones, mothers and fathers. We had saved a couple bananas from lunch for them, and these we fed them. They were a greedy, inquisitive bunch, those monkeys. When the bananas were all gone, they climbed into the tray of the truck to look for more goodies. One monkey took off with Lyle's bag of crackers. Lyle chased after it, but the monkey proved more nimble!
Inquisitive monkeys checked out the truck tray.

  • Adventure parks.
  • Crazy monkeys.

  • Sickness.

  • If I go back, I will go on that bike again. But this time, I will ride faster!
  • Next time I will also take a camera with me as I am riding. Watch out, selfies ahead! ;)

When I returned from the Philippines, I went to my sister's place in Vic. Hearing all about our adventures, especially the bike riding, Caleb (my nephew) exclaimed, 'I'm going to go to the Philippines, and I'm going to ride that bike through the air!!!!'

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