Monday, 6 January 2014

Memory Lane

Walking to the Big Dam, I travel
Down memory's lane, and I revel
In the fun of yesterday.
Memories that won't go away.
A snake slithers by my feet;
This ghostly playground is now bittersweet.

What happened to all our fun?
And all the great things we'd done?
It isn't a story so tall,
It takes only a few words to tell all.
You see, my brothers have grown,
And all have left home.

I miss my boys.
The games, the teasing, the noise.
If I could go back, I would.
Oh, if only I could....
But these memories I'll treasure.
For I can, and I will - forever. ~ 1/1/14


  1. That's an amazing poem, Eva! Love it!

  2. Aw, so sweet, and yet so sad! I'm glad I'm not the youngest - but that doesn't make it any easier for you <3 *hugs*

  3. It was great meeting you again, Jana, at Do&Dare! :)


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