Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Wise. Update.

Dear Readers,

I am writing to let you know about something I read, and my reaction to it.

You see, I was reading in Ecclesiastes chapter 12, when I read this verse: "Because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge; yea, he gave good heed, and sought out, and set in order many proverbs."

Now, you should all know that I'm into quotes and proverbs. But this verse set me in action! I'm not a preacher, and I don't profess to be overly wise, but I love proverbs! And I love spreading proverbs and quotes around. So let me tell you, dear friends, that my 'Wisdom & Humour' page has been updated!

A preview... ;)
While I'm doing a blog post - since I do one so infrequently... :/ I dare say, I may as well update the world on my life.

For me, travels have been the theme. In January (12-19) I went to the Do & Dare camp - this camp is very rule-based; it has various classes (ie. Canoeing, Choir, Canvassing, Sketching, Video Production, etc.) and every minute is packed. It goes for a week and most people enjoy it.
  Fairly well straight after that, I made my way south with my sister, Christella, and spent almost 2 weeks (21st Jan - 2nd Feb) with a seamstress friend who taught us the principles of sewing. Christella's project was the flower girl dresses for my brothers then up-coming wedding reception; mine was a German dirndl I made for myself.   I learned about sewing, and some foundational life principles.

February started pretty grand. Christella and I celebrated our birthdays exactly one week apart. Considering the milestones we'd reached, our immediate family got together for a week-long holiday on the beach. Also, in light of the up-coming reception, Christella and I cut our hair. Don't worry, it's still below our shoulders. XD
 On the 10th, the reception went off. Surprisingly, even though it wasn't the real thing - the real wedding was in the States; we still had late members of the bridal party!

See - two bridesmaids were missing!!
 With plenty of bloopers to keep it real, the reception was a happy success - thanks to the many people who pitched in and helped: cooks, musicians and otherwise.
Lining up to walk in.

Flower girl and page boy - the dress Christella sewed.

Sibling picture! It's not in order of age or anything like that, but we're all there!
 Straight from the reception, loaded with (some) food, I headed with a friend's family to their place - back south! I spent a week with the said family (11th-17th). During which time I experienced yet more travelling - something they apologied for (can you believe it?! :D). I even got to revisit the parliment house! That was pretty okay, though I was quite unimpressed by the fact that they don't have ride-on vacuum cleaners to clean their massive carpet spaces! Shocking. And I thought they were supposed to have the best of everything... O.o
Two days of train travel landed me home - for 4 weeks. In a few days time, I will be going.... well, doing something big - and I might just tell you about it! When I get back, that is. XD
In the meanwhile, I've been spending a lovely time with my brother Elisha, his wife Elyssa, her mother Eve, and my parents too. :D And I've also been doing Croatian lessons (with Mum) every day, and other school work. :)

For now!

Love and blessings! ;)


  1. Haha. :) And the said family really enjoyed your visit. :)
    Also, I noticed that your activities in the 'meanwhile' did not include school work! :)
    Anyway, have a great day! :)

  2. I love the photos Jana :-) I also love your updated 'Wisdom & Humour' page - it is excellent!! (I especially love the 'bank' quotes!

    God Bless xD


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