Sunday, 3 November 2013

Work and Photoshoots

So, I've been staying with my big sister for a little while, hence my absence. Life as an aunty is full! In fact, I wrote a poem the other night to that effect..

Cooking, cleaning and school;
these things my day do rule.
Facing every fear;
working with cheer.
Truly, of this my life does comprise;
and I do it by early to bed, early to rise.

It's a life full, but fun;
learning, working, racing the sun.
Yet I'll face it, head held high;
I'll use this time that's going by.
For I'm young but once;
tis the time to gather life experience.

Though I must admit, it hasn't been all work. Every now and again, Christella and I take some pictures. The other day I stole some time to set up a photo shoot of Hannah. She's just too cute not to. ;)


A friend gave her sunnies, and she wanted to try them out. XD

Little miss Muffet, sat on her tuffet, reading her book. :)

Aunty got some shots of Cabie doing his work. :D
Cabie multi-tasking. Drinking up his spirilina and doing school work.

5 isn't too young to start washing dishes!


  1. Cool! I love the photos, especially the one picturing Hannah with a book!

  2. Love the pic of Hannah sitting "on her tuffet", :D...

    1. I agree! I like it lots too.

  3. Nice photos and poem. :) What brand is your camera?

    1. Thanks. :) It's a Canon Rebel T1i. Though it's actually not mine. I just borrowed it. ;)

  4. cool pictures. I like the one of the girl reading the book.


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