Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jezebel & Co.

"Sorry we're late...." I started as we stepped into my violin teachers house. "Dolly kidded this morning." I explained.
"Oh really?" She replied. "What'd she have?"
"Two kids. Jairus, a boy, and Jezebel, a girl." I grinned happily. It was the first of the 2012 May kidding season. The day was the 11th of May.
Sadly we didn't get any pics of Jairus before we sold him.
"Jana, where is Jamella?" Mum asked me that Friday evening as we were doing the milking.
"I don't know. She's probably kidding somewhere... can you bring in Pie, please?" I grabbed Kenita and pulled her out of the garden before anyone else could shove their way in.
"Sure. But don't you think you should find Jamella before it is dark?" Mum let Pie in.
"Well, I'll finish milking Pie, and then the rest of the goats will have to wait while I find her." I replied.
When I'd gotten Pie out, I started down towards Dad's bee-shed. When I was nearing it, I saw a dark shape in the trees, and headed straight toward it. It was what I thought it was. Jamella. She had two kids. Before picking them up, I checked what they were. A boy and a girl.
Later on, with much difficulty, we decided on their names. The boy became Jehu, and the girl Jaminna.
"How are the goats?" The usual question coming from Mum. It was Friday morning. The 18th of May. I had just come up from milking.
"They're all good..... Oh and Chrissy kidded!" I replied merrily.
"Oh really?! What'd she have?" Both Mum and Stella looked at me expectantly.
"She had a little girl. And I'm calling her Dana (pronounced Dayna)." I smiled back at them.
Though poor Dana was a week old when Mum got to see her, and she'll be 3 weeks old when Stella gets to see her....
"I wonder when Jillee is going to kid. She was due on the 16th, and it's the 22rd now." I said to Mum.
"Hmm, yeah, I wonder too." She mused.
"She's probably waiting for us to go to Able's birthday party before she kids. Naughty little goat." I laughed thinking about. "She must've had a talk to Chrissy. Remember how Chrissy was 7 days overdue, yet she waited till Friday night before Cherith's wedding to kid?"
"I remember." Mum smiled.
It was two days later. We were home now, and I went straight down to the yards to check on Jillee. I heard a little cry. That must be a new kid.. I thought. And sure enough, as I walked into the yards, I saw her. A gorgeous little fawn coloured doe kid. She was duely dubbed Buttercup. :)
"Hey, look over there!" Mum said in surprise.
"What is it?" I asked. "Oh wait, it's the Floxarians! I wonder if Flicka kidded. And if so, I wonder who the father is.... look! There she is! And there's a kid with her!" I squealed. And with that, I was running down towards her. It didn't take me much effort to have the kid caught and in my arms.
"What is it?" Mum asked.
"A boy." I scowled. "But it's Zing's kid." At that I smiled.
"He's sure cute!" I had to agree.
"Mum. I know what he'll. He'll be Fling!" I grinned.
"Haha, perfect." She smiled.
"Hey Mum. Why is Dad honking his horn?" I looked out the window.
"I guess because he must want you to open the gate for him. You'd better go open it for him." She turned back to what she was doing.
I paused momentarily as I put my boots on and walked out the door. Hmmm, I thought to myself, He must have picked up some animal, and brought it home... I wonder what it is this time! I don't think it'd be a kid.... the bush goats start really kidding in Spring..... deffinitely not an emu chick.... I got to the gate and opened it. When Dad drove up to me, he paused and opened the door. There is was. Whatever "it" was.
"What is it? Where'd you get it from?" I put my hand out to touch the white little thing.
"It's a lamb. And I don't know what it is. (Gender.) I just saw it on the road. Almost ran over it. It had no mother, and I couldn't just let the poor baby get eaten." He started to close the door.
"Okay. Well I'll shut the gate and come up. I knew you had to have some animal with you, or you would've opened the gate yourself!" I laughed.
Later, I "checked" the lamb, and found that it was girl. Oh well, at least it's girl... Sadly, I'm not too fond of sheep/lambs. They all look the same! They don't even smell as nice as goats/kids! lol Oh well. I'm already getting to love her. :) She might win me over to sheep yet!
Name pending. ;)


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    1. Glad you love it.... when are you coming over to see them in real life?! We'd get two things done at once, too!

  2. Very cute! I can barely wait for our own kids, and your babies are sooo cute!

    1. :D When are your kids due?

  3. Cool! Dana was born on my birthday!

    1. Happy belated birthday! :D Sorry though, you can't have Dana. lol

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  4. hehe she was born on my birthday too! <3 :)

    1. Haha, that is seriously too cool. Two of my friends had a birthday and my kid was born on that day! As Dana, out of all these kids, is the only one that is mine..

  5. they are all so cute, but I think Buttercup is my favorite!

    1. That's so cool! Buttercup is my favourite too. :D I think I'm gonna do some bargaining with Andy. (she's Andy's) ;) lol

  6. Hey Eva Jane! This is a reply to the message you left on my blog Honeycomb a couple of weeks ago - sorry it took so long to get back with you. Thanks for reading, and I really appreciate the feedback about how studying God's Word is always profitable. Definitely agree with you on that. Isaiah says that God's Word always accomplishes the purpose that it was set forth to do. My original statement was unclear. It's a temptation for me personally as a full-time student in Bible and theology to think of the homework and assignments as just homework and assignments, instead of personalizing God's Word in my own heart. The homework and studies are what can easily become idolatry if they're not done with awareness that God's Word wants to change me, not just provide interesting topics for papers. The Pharisees were a great example of this because they practically worshiped the Mosaic Law without believing that Christ was the Messiah. The Law had become the Pharisees' idol because they did not allowed to change their lives. They valued it above valuing Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for the feedback! Enjoyed looking around your blog. God's blessings to you!

  7. Hey! Seeing as you reminded me I'd never commented on your blog I thought I'd just change that. ;)Your goats are cute, but lambs are still heaps heaps better. Have you named your lamb yet?


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