Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hated By God?!

"Mum! Look at this! Have you ever read this verse before?!" With that, I read it out. "The Lord trieth the righteous; but the wicked and him that loveth violence, His soul hateth." (Ps 11:5)
Mum looked at me. "Wow. No, I don't think so." Animated, I replied "I always figured that it must be like that.... but here it is! In the Bible. And it's so clear. There is no way you can mistake it."
"Yes," Mum agreed. "It is."
"You know Mum, I was just thinking how, you read a book, and think Oh that's so cool, but you can't be sure that it's true. You know, it's not like that with the Bible. It's always true, and you can always take it for granted."

I'd just finished doing my Bible reading. A few chapters out of 3 books of the Bible. It started out as Genesis, Job and Matthew. But now, I was further along. Every morning, when I found a verse I found particuarly interesting, I would jump out of bed (yes, I do my Bible reading in bed!), run to Mum and read it to her. I'd been reading Psalms that morning. Realising how interesting it really was. When I stumbled across this important verse.

Thinking about it. I realised how broad that can go. How many people love playing war/fighting games? How many people love watching violent, action packed movies? I've heard people have say "Action is awesome! It's what makes it worth watching." What about the books? There are many books based on violence. Okay, some aren't based on violence, but have violence in it.

You don't need to be wicked as such. But God says that if you just love violence, His soul hates you. Pretty harsh. But it's true. God is not violent. It's against His nature. And He hates it so much, that He hates them that love it.

I don't want to be hated by God. Do you?


  1. Very thought provoking words, Sis. It's so true.

  2. I've been reading Psalms for my devotions too, and it is so interesting! I laughed when you wrote that when you found an interesting verse you would jump out of bed and read it to your Mum! I do that too! The Bible is my favourite book, it is so interesting!

    1. That's cool! Yeah, I am really getting to enjoy Psalms a lot! Amen, to that! The Bible sure is the best book! :D

  3. I guess you are right actually I am stopping and going to post about books on wednesday instead of the Civil war!

    1. That's a good idea. :) I'll make sure I look at it. :D


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