Sunday, 27 February 2011


Cars have manuals. And if you don't follow them, well what happens? The car breaks down. I remember how my brother once accidently put petrol in our diesel driven 4WD. Yes it broke down! We had to drain all the petrol out, and refill it with diesel. Only then we could we drive it.

I realized that we have one too. Written by our Creator’s secretaries. The Bible. It doesn’t leave us in doubt. It tells us, what we should eat, how we should dress, how we should live, what day we should rest on. But not only that, it also has stories in our manual! (I like that.) So much more interesting than car manuals. Stories of other people, stories of what they did and didn't do. The consequences and the rewards.
It also has prophecy in it. Did you know that the French Revolution was because they rejected the Bible entirely? Well it was, and not only that, but the Bible said that would happen. In Revelation, it says where the two wittnesses were rejected, many would be slain. If you are wondering what the two wittnesses are, they are the Old and New Testament. Can you remember the main thing that happened in the French Revolution? That's it! Many were sent to the guilotine. It is sad, but God said that is what would happen to those who reject the Bible.

Let us go back to our manual, and see what it says. I'm sure we don't know enough about it.

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