Saturday, 7 May 2011

Adopted Bears

We have in this house a Dad, a Mum, a Daddy, and a Mama. Well, actually that is to Caleb definitions. Dad = grandad. Mum = grandma. And Daddy and Mama.

When Nathan, his daddy came, (as Danica and the children are just visiting) Caleb started telling him all about "Dad" this and "Dad" that and we had explain that "Dad" was grandad...
Right now I am listening to Caleb yelling "come mama dear!" He's trying to convince us all that we need to eat.. and RIGHT now... "come eat!" He's such a sweetie. :D
All of my sister's family have 'bear' suffexes to their names. Last night Cabie called his uncle Able, "Able-bear." Caleb's adopted 'im. (He even adopted April the donkey.... "Come here April bear.)
Sadly Danica and her children/my nephews and neice have all left now. :( The house is quiet without Caleb talking and Hannah yelling.

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