Monday, 11 April 2011

Beshany's Blog?

Danica had been talking a bit about Bethany's blog. Then Caleb getting wind of it, said: "Beshany's bogt. I need to see Beshany's bogt!"
If Caleb see's a picture of Ben and Bethany, he says: "Untle Ben and Arnty Beshany!", or a picture of Ben and Cherith "Untle Benji and Arnty Terif!". Caleb just LOVES his aunties and uncles.
One day Caleb was admiring his smilie little sister. And he said: "I luj Hunnuh!" :)


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLOL
    It appears than Caby has adapted quite well to there being two 'uncle' Ben's :D
    he is sooo adorable... keep these posts up! they are gorgeous!

  2. Love it! I so didn't expect him to be able to differentiate between the two Bens so quickly... Can't wait to see him again! :)

  3. Aaawww, how adorable!!! I totally can't wait to see him again. I read this post aloud and had to laugh at the way some of the words sound... "bogt", "Terif", "Beshany"... I want to see him again sooo bad!!!


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