Sunday, 3 April 2011

Power Steering

Have you ever had your car get low on power steering? And experienced having to pull on the car steering wheel to make it go the right way? Car steering wheels are difficult and stubborn without power steering. It was built that way and we can't expect better.

Some people seem to think that when something goes "wrong" with someone else, that it means that "that" person should be on drugs. Well the problem is that WE were NOT built to run on drugs. I read this (true) story of a boy that had dissability's and was hyperactive, and his mother (Eve) could not change things very easily. Well at first Eve didn't know much, and put her son on "medication", when her son (Justin) was on the medication, he behaved normally, but she said he was like ice emotionally. The problem was, he wasn't wired for drugs, as we all aren't, unlike cars with power steering.

If drugs were meant for us, God would built that need into us, and told us about it in Our Manual. I don't believe in drugs for man or animal except for anaesetic.

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