Friday, 8 April 2011

Genesis 1 Excerpt from my Diary

Genesis 1 is about creation, but notice "In the beggining GOD created the heaven and the earth." So who made the heavens and the earth? God. Next it goes on to say in vs 2 that "the earth was without form, and darkness was upon the deep." What does that mean? That God started with nothing, and made something.

The 1st day he made day and night. Verse 5 had been bugging me, "the evening and morning were the first day" I asked mum: It probably means that God started with the evening, (it wouldn't make sense if it was "the evening and the evening were the first day") but it still hadn't gotten through everything Mum said. Then the thought came "Ask God". So I did, and when I got off my knees it was like I heard: "the first 24 hours". That was it! The evening and the morning were the first day and the evening coming was the next 24 hours - the next day. Like as with Sabbath - it starts at sundown and ends sundown!
The 2nd day the heavens are made - atmosphere.

On the 3rd day God gathered the waters together and made dry land - earth, then named the waters Seas. Next He made grass, herbs, and fruit "and God saw that it was good".

The 4th day God made the sun, moon and stars "to rule the season and to be signs". He put them in the "firmament" - space.
The 5th day - God made/formed the birds and sea animals.
Day 6 - Land animals created/formed. "...and God created man in His own image..." God created Adam and Eve (not Adam and Steve!!) He didn't stop there - He said "be fruitful, and mutiply and replentish the earth." Thus was creation ended and the Sabbath came.


  1. I loved this!! so special to see your journey of discovery in Genesis. And isn't it amazing when you take a problem to God and then you see the answer? I always find that so thrilling!

    So... does this mean you've just started a journey through the whole Bible? or is there another reason you journaled Genesis 1?

  2. No, I just happened to be reading through my Journal/Diary and decided to put this up. Yes and it is amazing how fast the answer often comes too.

  3. oh cool! well it was precious sharing. :-)

    & yes and yes!! :-)


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