Monday, 27 February 2012

Forgotten History

This evening, I was watching some YouTube clips, when my elder sister, Danica, came into the room. She remembered a video we'd often watched as children. It's called "*Young Folk's History of the Sabbath" by Jim Arrabito. I looked it up, and found these two clips.

Young Folks History of the Sabbath (Part 1)

Young Folk's History of the Sabbath (Part 2)

It is the whole video in two halfs. It is made for children, but meant for teenagers and adults too. I enjoyed re-watching it with Danica's children. Caleb (3) sat spellbound the whole way through.

After watching "Young Folk's History of the Sabbath", I remembered another video we'd watched when little. It was "Israel of the Alps". By Jim Arrabito too. It is the forgotten history of the Waldenses. It is for people of all ages. I remember loving it as a child, and now also as a teenager.

Watch first part of Israel of the Alps here.

I'm not sure how much the clip above I didn't get to watch it all. But it wouldn't be the full thing, as it's only 27 mins. So I thought I would post a link for where you can buy it.

Israel of the Alps

Young Folk's History of the Sabbath

I fully recommend these two videos. They are amazing. One of a kind. Very well put together, very interesting and fun.

Also after Jim's death, his wife put together another, more detailed film on the Sabbath. It is "The Seventh Day: Revelations from the Lost Pages of History"

This set is more made for teenagers and adults, but children can watch it too.
You can get it on Amazon:

I also give my full recommendation for this set too.

Note: *It used to be called "Children's History of the Sabbath".

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