Monday, 20 February 2012

The Night We Made National News

Caleb and Seth (right)
"Jana, have you seen Seth?" Danica walked into the house.
"No." I replied. "I haven't."
"Well, I've gone over the whole house yard, and can't see him..." Her voice trailed off. Though we didn't know it at the time, it was going be a long hard evening ahead of us.

It had been a normal day for us. Other than going to town for a bit. After lunch, Seth went outside, as usual. He loves to be out-doors. At about 5:00 pm, Danica checked on Seth. Then after a bit, she decided it was time to take him for a walk. (He loves walking, so we take him for a walk every day before he goes to bed.) It was after going to get him for the walk, that we had the above conversation.

Before I go on, I am going to go into a bit of detail about the neighbours property.
It is a 25-30 acre block that has 3 gullies on it. It's basic bushland, with lots of blackberry bushes. They had given us permission to walk on it, since they don't live there. So we have a path on it, and we walk on it pretty much everyday. On this property are 4 dams. Also there are many similar sized farms around us, all with their own dams too.

Since it was getting later, we figured that I should stay at the house with the other two children, Caleb (3) and Hannah (1), while Danica searched for the missing Seth (7).

I'd put Caleb to bed, and was working on getting Hannah to sleep, when Danica came in again. Seth hadn't been found. She phoned Nathan, her husband, who advised that she keep looking. He had to be around.

In the meanwhile, I called my other sister, Cherith, and told her what was going on, and asked her to pray. She advised me to call the police. But I was hesitant to do so, as I wasn't sure what I would say. Or, what if Danica found Seth, and then the police came out to nothing?? I put Hannah in bed, and then called mum up. She also told me to call the police. I told her why I didn't want to. She promptly told me that she would call them then. "Goodbye."

A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was someone from the police station. I answered their questions, and they said that they'd send some police out straight away. The phone was hot in it's cradle when Danica walked in. I told her that the police were on their way out. She called them back. They needed to bring a dog. It should be sure to find Seth.

Bare moments passed, and the police had arrived. No dog. They started with questions. Then searched the house. And then the yard. It was quite dark by now, as Danica had been searching for 3 hours before they arrived. It was approximately 9:30 when they arrived. They had searched the yard when more police arrived. They called for a chopper and a dog.

An hour later, more police had come. SES (State Emergency Service) had also arrived... but no chopper or dog. I asked a policeman what was happening. I was informed that the chopper couldn't come, as where it was stationed at the moment, there was too heavy cloud cover to safely fly it to our place. The dog though, was on it's way.

The police wanted everyone to stay put while we waited for the dog as to not mix up the scents. In fact friends came to be with us, but they were kept at the gate. Waiting for this seemingly never-appearing dog... Though Danica convinced them to take her in their 4WD down the neighbors vacant block that is right behind us, to check the 4 dams for any signs of Seth. When she returned, she was much relieved. There had been no signs of him being near the dam, or in it.

While I waited, I had a steady stream of facebookers asking me for news. Any news. Lots of people were chatting to me, asking what was happening. Everyone was letting us know that they were praying.. and always asking for more updates. It amazed me how many people knew about it, so quickly too, and were praying aswell.
Someone commented in the morning and said,"Facebook has just redeemed itself." I actually had to agree. :) Thanks to it, in only moments people across the globe had heard about it and were praying. Close to (or over) a hundred in Australia, and others in America, Vanuatu, PNG, the Solomon Islands, and Europe. The phone was constantly ringing too. But that's not what I'm blogging about...

It was near midnight when they let our friends through. We talked to each other and the police... and prayed.
At 2:00 am, I was spent. Yawning, I walked to my room. Turned off the light and fell asleep when my head hit the pillow.

When I woke up, it was morning. The first thing I asked was "Has Seth been found?"
I got a very joyful reply: "YES!!!"

Danica filled me in on what I missed:

At 2:30 am, Seth was found. :D They had made a human chain a meter apart and had been doing a line up search. There was about 50 people, neighbours included, participating. They had been working their way across the paddocks, when they heard Seth call out.* I don't know what he said, but about half of the line-up group went and found him.
They took him in a police car and it was about half an hour later before Danica got him back. An ambulance came, to check him, and make sure he was alright. He was fine. He had only one scratch, and that was from eating blackberries. He was thrilled to see his Mama again. When she first saw him, he was humming "Great is the Lord". He happily had a warm bath, but before he had could even get dressed, the news reporters had arrived. So she took Seth outside to them, and they videoed away.

Seth had a good sleep for the rest of the night, and is very obviously happy to be home. All day, he's been giving us lots of hugs. I'm so happy we still have my dear nephew.

We want to thank-you all for your prayers. God heard and answered them. We appreciated your support too. It meant a lot to us.

*Seth was about 100 metres from our usual walking path. Danica had looked all over the rest of the paddock except for that part. Because of changing winds, though she heard him once, she couldn't make out where he was.

Oh, and the bit about making national news. Don't believe it? Well, you can watch it here.

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  1. This is such a well-written post of yours, I can't believe I'm the first to comment! I'm so glad that you were there with Danica, and that Sethie was found!


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