Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Drop Down Dead....

...For the babies!" Georgia explained. Huh? Okayyy..... Sounds interesting.. I thought laughingly.
"It's a demonstration. Since babies can't be seen being aborted, we need to show the people. And really show it!"

Being the fun-loving person that I am, I decided that if I acquired permission from my dearest Mother, that I would go. Permission was granted, and all things set. I was going!

But, since I am still a minor, (in legal terms... ;)) and because Mum didn't want me traveling on a train alone into Melbourne, Georgia came (arrived) at the nearest train station to where I have been staying for past weeks (with my sister) at 7:20 in the morning. And we're a distance (1 hour) from Melbourne city too! (Yep, I'm singing her praise right now! :D)

There was only five of us demonstrators, plus Georgia who did the talking, and Johnny who videoed. And that was just when we started too! By midday we were down to four... and later less.

But God blessed, and not long before we lost another team member, we were joined by 7 other youngsters. (Youngsters like me. ;)) It was an interesting how they joined our group. At least for me! You see, I was doing my job, lying 'dead' on the ground, drifting off to sleep (ssh!), when I heard a couple kids saying, "Hey Jana! You alive?" Ummm, what?!  
First, how do they know my name? Second, who are they?! Third, do I know them? I was totally bewildered. So I said nothing. Since I was decidedly dead, they went back to Georgia and kept talking. It sorta hit me how funny the situation was, and I started laughing. Silently of course. But at the same time, I kept peeking from under my 'death sheet' to see who these kids were. That's all it took! When they realised that I was 'alive', and laughing (hey, somethings funny!), they all came a sat in a circle around me. And from then on I had a live audience!

They asked me such questions as, "Do you get paid for this?" "Nope." "Why not?" "Because I believe in it." "Oh well that's good..."
"Have you been lying here for long?" "Oh I guess. I was falling asleep when you guys came along and startled me!" "Oh wow..."
"Is it fun?" "Totally! I'm loving it!" And I was...

Then, it was time to move on. We invited our new friends to come and join us. And they did!!!! Though we only had 8 red sheets... So we had all 7 of them, and
1 of our (original) group 'dying' for us. Which was good, as it gave us more opportunities to talk to passer-byers. One person that I talked to said that they agreed with what we were doing, and would be happy to 'drop on the ground' for us. Sadly, as I mentioned, we didn't have enough sheets. :)

Though, good things don't last forever. And when we got to Southern Cross Train Station, they said they needed to catch the train home. Thus we parted.

A few *great* talks, demonstrations, and hours later, we caught the train to Jesse's home (one of our team). (Where I was picked up by my lovely friend, Astina.)

But that isn't the end! One of our group, Johnny, did a fabulous job catching the day in short form. In just over two minutes, you can watch us demonstrate! Perhaps even, you could participate next time. Yep. Georgia's already planning the next demonstration. Added bonus - I'll probably be there too! ;P And now I say...

"Come, see!"
Demonstration clip 

P.S. Later I asked Georgia how they (the "other youngsters") had known my name, and she told me that she had mentioned it to them, and they had then decided to go talk to me. :D


  1. Wow, Georgia didn't tell me all that! (naughty sister ;) ) Sounds SOOO great!! :D

  2. Oh and this one is the individual one - silly me gave you the link for MorningStarFilmz' favourites instead of just that one ;)

  3. Hey Jana! I just tagged you! :)


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