Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Safe in the Arms of Jesus

Just today I was on my way back from town with mum. We had taken Jamella with us and right then she was cuddled up on my lap probably asleep. As we were driving along, I saw on the side of the road two eagles, and so I told mum: "Did you see those two eagles??" "No....... you know they could've taken Jamella if she had been out there and on her own." "Yes, but she is safe in my arms." That was where I thought of the object lesson:
Satan is out there, looking around, looking for prey for him to devour. And if we are on our own, he will take us, and devour us. But if we are safe in the arms of Jesus, he cannot do any more than look on and try tempt us. But since we are safe in the arms of Jesus, we are safe because Jesus will protect us if we stay right in his arms. ~ Jana


  1. Aaaww, this is sooo beautiful! and I'm totally in love with the pic of you with Jamella! You are both gorgeous!! <3


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