Friday, 6 August 2010


Top - Right: Bethany & Danica, Front: Me, Stella, & Cherith.
I have four sisters, and here is my deffinition of what sisters are for. ;-)
A sister is your friend for life, she shares everything, she is always there for you.

All my sisters are my best friends. They are the ones that are there for me to tell my secrets, to share my troubles with and to defend each other. We would do anything for each other.

My sisters share with me. :D When Bethany was here for a visit, you know what she shared with me? She was so sweet, she was kind enough to share her cold with me! LOL
I share many of my goats with Stella, and she shares them with me. :D

When I am hurting, my sister/s are/is always there for me, to tell my troubles to, and to advise me what to do. They are there for me to share my joys with and to share fun. (like the goats!)

Many don't realise how precious their sisters (siblings in general) are until they almost die or something like that. And I don't want that to have to happen to for me realise that they are very precious family jems, that I don't want to lose.

I love you, my sisters! Mwah! ~ Jana


  1. LOVE THIS POST Sis!!!!!!!!
    Glad you love me. :D

  2. Aawww wow, what a nice post!! so I gave you a cold, huh? lol

    But seriously, the thoughts here were beautiful and so true! (except for me giving you the cold!!)

  3. btw, I love your new look! The green field background is so peaceful and perfect!

  4. OH, oh, oh! Awww! I loved this post. So, so sweet and I really want to be the best that a sister
    can be. The bit about Bethany, had me in suspense and then cracking up, seconds later. Nitza too! So cool!
    P.S. The new look is awesome! So country... and almost..... almost, looks like our place, hey?!

  5. This post made me think of how Alyssia's siblings must be feeling. Like their sister means the whole world and is so special!

  6. It is true Bethy! "But seriously, the thoughts here were beautiful and so true! (except for me giving you the cold!!)" You sure did! I have one right now as I write!! LOL But I love you just the same. Thanks Stella. :D Yes, I was thinking about Alyssia when I wrote about "unless they almost die".


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